Westhill nursery praised in inspection

Staff are being commended following a recent positive nursery inspection in Aberdeenshire.

A review of Crombie School nursery applauded the staff for encouraging children to play outdoors whilst ensuring they are safe.

The Care Inspectorate found the quality of care and quality of management and leadership “very good” during the assessment. Crombie School nursery continues to perform well as inspectors said it provided “very good” care and support, quality of environment and staffing. Management was considered “good” during the unannounced inspection in November 2014. The Westhill nursery received a “good” rating in all categories during another audit in November 2011.

The report said: “The nursery offered two full outdoor sessions each week. These sessions encouraged children to follow their curiosity and engage in the environment around them. Staff supported children to make safe choices and identified risks to keep themselves safe. Risk was discussed with children throughout the session encouraging children to be confident during play. For example children were able to explore their abilities when climbing trees and steep embankments.”

Aberdeenshire Council Education and Children’s Services Committee chair, Cllr Gillian Owen, said: “I am very pleased for the staff, parents and children at Crombie School nursery. Everyone at the nursery should be delighted that their hard work and commitment to offering an excellent education has been recognised in this inspection. What a nice early Christmas present!”

Committee vice chair, Cllr Mark Findlater, said: “I am really chuffed that Crombie School nursery has been given such a good inspection. It is especially pleasing that the staff have been commended for encouraging the bairns to play ootside in the fresh air. As a wee loon I enjoyed many a happy hour escaping into another world when playing with my pals. Keep up the good work!”

The Care Inspectorate regulates and reviews care services in Scotland to make sure they meet the right standard. The investigation was carried out unannounced in October 2017.

Crombie School nursery provides care to up to 30 children aged three to those approaching the age where they begin primary school.

There are 145 primary schools, 87 nurseries and 17 secondary schools in Aberdeenshire. At the end of the 2016/17 financial year there were more than 20,000 primary school pupils and over 14,000 secondary school pupils.