Help shape recycling and waste services by giving your views as survey deadline approaches

Aberdeenshire residents have a few days left to give their views on how the council can shape recycling and waste services to recycle more and send less to landfill.

There have already been more than 2,800 responses to a survey asking the public for opinions on how Aberdeenshire can recycle more as a community. The survey will close on Wednesday, February 28 (2018).

Responses will inform recommendations made by the recycling and waste service on the council’s future waste strategy, which will then be presented to elected members before they make decisions.

Residents are asked how services could be improved to help them to recycle more. Possible changes could include smaller landfill waste bins, less frequent collections of the landfill waste bin, or both.

Garden waste is currently collected at recycling centres and at additional seasonal recycling points. Residents are asked to consider whether alternative arrangements would help them recycle more garden waste.

This could mean a paid-for kerbside collection or reduced frequency of landfill bin collections to allow garden waste to be lifted from households using the same bin lorries.

It is thought the cost of a paid-for garden waste collection could be in the region of £40-£50 per household per year.

Currently the council provides alternate weekly collections of mixed dry recycling and landfill waste, with food waste collected for recycling every week.

A network of recycling centres, glass and textile recycling points and seasonal garden waste points is also available to help residents recycle as much as possible.

Despite the availability of these services, Aberdeenshire’s recycling rate is currently only 43.5%. However, a recent analysis of landfill bins from households across the region shows the recycling rate could be more than 70% if the current recycling services were used effectively.

To take part in the online survey see:

Hard copies can also be completed at Aberdeenshire libraries or service points.