Available development sites in Aberdeenshire set out in new brochure

A brochure has been created by Aberdeenshire’s Delivery Team to clearly show sites available for development in the area.
The "Site Prospectus" has been designed to accompany the 2017 Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan.
It gives an overview of more than 70 individual sites, including settlement information and delivery considerations required to bring the site forward.
It also includes photographs of the site in situ to give developers an idea of an area they might not otherwise be familiar with, given the size of Aberdeenshire and spread of development sites across it.
The main focus is on sites allocated for housing, though some mixed allocations have been included. They are divided up into four different categories, from small scale housing sites allocated for up to 10 houses to large scale developments allocated for over 100 houses.
Each site has an Aberdeenshire Council Delivery Team member as a point of contact should any developer be interested in taking the site forward or want to find out more about a particular opportunity.
The Site Prospectus is available to view on the council's website: http://bit.ly/2teJr6V
Copies are being sent to housing developers and will also be available at all Planning area offices and on request from the Delivery Team.