Latest Gardenstown landslip update: work next week to clear debris, deliveries of fuel/wood being organised

Work to clear landslip debris from the closed section of road in Gardenstown is expected to begin next week and fuel and wood deliveries could begin tomorrow (Friday).

Temporary works are being designed and will be constructed to allow Harbour Road to be re-opened as soon as possible, initially on a managed basis.

Initially the closed section of road will be cleared of debris, but this poses its own challenges and because of the approach which has to be taken, heavy plant is being brought in.

This will be done as quickly as possible and will pave the way for further stabilisation work on the affected slope.

Banff and Buchan Roads Manager, Derek Murray, said: “The Council is fully aware of the impact the ongoing road closure is having on residents and businesses and is working hard to improve the situation as soon as possible for all concerned.

“Once the material at the base of the slip has been cleared and a temporary structure installed we will review the situation to see if controlled openings can be reinstated while further works such as the installation of soil nailing, anchoring and mesh slope stabilisation systems are ongoing.

“The emergency services have plans in place to deal with the current situation should there be an emergency.

“While all this work is going on it’s also important to remember Gardenstown remains open for business – people are still welcome to come to the village as we move into Spring, it’s a great place to be and access to the lower part of the village is still possible on foot.”
The council is also facilitating both the delivery of coal/wood and the removal of domestic waste from the Seatown/New Ground areas, hopefully starting on Friday. (March 16)

Should residents or businesses require deliveries of other essential domestic/heavy goods, the council may be able to provide assistance to the supplier in delivering these.

For assistance or information please contact Alistair Millar on 01467 539614 or email:

A public drop in session is being held in the village tomorrow (Friday, March 16) in connection with the landslip.

Representatives from the Banff and Buchan Area Manager's team, the roads service and the council's consulting engineers will attend.

They will provide updates on ongoing geotechnical investigations, planned traffic management arrangements and possible design solutions for the permanent works.

The drop in session will take place at the Dreel Hall on Friday, March 16 from 9am-8pm.

More information is available on Aberdeenshire Council’s website: