Songs to help tiny tots drop off to land of nod

A new initiative taking place at some Aberdeenshire libraries has been created to help little ones fall fast asleep whilst listening to soothing lullabies.

Project leader Irene Watt plays a number of childhood songs on her harp when visiting
Boddam, Cruden Bay, Fettercairn and Inverbervie libraries so that babies drop off to sleep. During the Sing, Soothe and Sleep sessions, the parents are encouraged to sing along to lullabies such as Ali Bali.  

She said: “Five years ago I was doing a PhD into how music affects you but nobody had looked into the lullaby type music. Whilst I was doing my research I contacted Aberdeenshire Council then to ask if it would be alright to go along to mother and baby groups to gather some data so once I had finished my research I took my findings to the council which eventually led to these sessions being established.

“The sessions are not only really beneficial for the babies but for the mums as well. It helps calm them and the babies down. It is just a lovely thing for them to do. Since we have started all the mums say they are really enjoying it and that it is really working.”

Susan McKay, Aberdeenshire libraries Early Years Librarian, said: “It has been fantastic to offer these sessions in some of our smaller libraries. We hope the young families who attend will continue to visit the library now that they have seen the range of resources available to them and their children.

“The Sing, Soothe, Sleep lullaby sessions are different from other story, song and rhyme sessions currently offered by libraries as they are designed to relax and soothe. The use of Doric or Scots language is a great way of celebrating our local culture and heritage too.”

The project is one of the initiatives which is part of “A sense of belonging,” a partnership between Aberdeenshire Council and Aberdeen University, aiming to encourage the use of Doric as a language and highlight traditional songs and culture from the north-east of Scotland.

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