Council chooses option for interim works to reopen Gardenstown road affected by landslip, work to start next week

An option has been chosen for interim works to tackle the landslip at Gardenstown which has restricted access to the lower part of the village.
Further analysis of potential options to allow the road to open safely was carried out by the council's consultants, Atkins, with an options report submitted to Aberdeenshire Council on Thursday, April 5.
This report was reviewed last week and on Wednesday (April 11) The council decided to progress with option C from the report, which involves soil nailing and the use of mesh.
On completion of the works it should be possible for the road to safely return to being open for unrestricted access.
The contract for the work has been awarded to BAM Ritchies and they intend to start onsite next week (Monday, April 23) and estimate it will take seven weeks to complete.
The works will involve the contractor working on the slope during that period while they install six-metre long soil nails and steel mesh with safety netting.  Prior to starting on that work, the contractor will spend the first week installing a slope monitoring system.  With this in place, along with other safety measures, it is hoped the road can remain open during the subsequent installation of the meshing system.
Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Roads, Landscape and Waste Services Philip McKay, said: "The current plan is that the road remains closed initially, while the slope monitoring is installed, with that being complete and the road open on Friday, April 27.
"However this is dependent on the successful installation of a monitoring system linked to traffic lights which can stop access should any movement be detected.  This system will be in place for the entire duration of the works to install the soil nails and mesh.
"Unfortunately, even with this system in place road openings cannot be guaranteed as the slope will still be susceptible to periods of poor weather and this may result in further restrictions having to be put in place.
"Clearly this is a dynamic and complex situation – so there may also be factors outwith our control which determine whether the road is open or closed as work progresses, but we will continue to communicate closely with the community."
The decision to proceed with option C was outlined to members of the local community at a meeting in Gardenstown tonight. (Monday, April 16)

You can see the consultant's report, including more details on the chosen option, on the Council’s website. It is available along with other information about the situation at Gardenstown at: