Aberdeenshire Culture and Sport sub-committee established

Members of Aberdeenshire Council’s Communities Committee have approved plans for a dedicated committee called Aberdeenshire Culture and Sport to regularly oversee and advise on the delivery of new culture and sport strategies through a new business unit. 

The committee members also agreed the implementation arrangements, timetable, pilot period and review process of the Culture and Sport Business Unit, when they met on Thursday, May 31.

The Aberdeenshire Culture and Sport sub-committee’s aim will be to promote and oversee the arts, libraries and museums; sport and physical activities including leisure centres, swimming pools and ski centres; community halls; sports pitches and catering in community venues.

The sub-committee will consist of four elected members and four external members. The external members will have an interest in culture and sport and be expected to possess a range of skills including leadership; networking; marketing and publicity; commercial and retail acumen among others. These posts are currently being recruited and more details can be found at https://www.myjobscotland.gov.uk/councils/aberdeenshire-council/jobs/culture-and-sport-aberdeenshire-sub-committee-external-member-119088 .  

Aberdeenshire Culture and Sport will use the skills of councillors and industry experts to really drive the delivery of services, empowering staff to deliver innovative new services to their communities.

Cllr Stirling, said: “This is a really good example of how we improve things for our communities. We do it with our communities, not to them. I think that is a very commendable approach. I look forward to the next phase.”

Cllr Walker, said: “I saw the advert that went out on social media. I thought it was very good and very effective. We have come to quite an exciting time.”