Action plan underway to improve standards at Fraserburgh North School

Action is being taken by Aberdeenshire Council to address concerns raised in a recent inspection of Fraserburgh North school and nursery.

The school and nursery were visited by Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate in April this year, with the team speaking with parents/carers and children and working closely with staff. 

During their visit, the inspection team identified a ‘caring environment and positive relationships between staff and children’ and ‘happy children who are eager to learn’, along with good teamworking and good quality teaching.

But the team also identified major weaknesses in the leadership of the school and nursery and have called for improvements to self-evaluation and to the school’s approaches to equality and diversity.

A timeline for improvements has been identified, and Aberdeenshire Council has developed an action plan to ensure these are all met by the end of August. Several matters have already been addressed.

Head of Education Andrew Griffiths: “We have been working with Fraserburgh North over a period of months to provide guidance and support with the aim of improving standards, and this report highlights there is still much work to do.

“We are taking the concerns raised in this inspection very seriously and have already taken action to address the most urgent requirements. Our key focuses have been to improve leadership in both the school and nursery, and to ensure that the quality of care is of an acceptable standard.

“We know that parents, carers and staff may be concerned by the issues raised in the report and we will be keeping them closely informed of the action being taken to achieve improvements.”

Action has been already taken to ensure nursery staff have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and that they are able to respond appropriately to any issues that may affect children. A clearer process of record sharing has also been established.

Work has been undertaken to ensure staff are full informed about children’s medical history, that appropriate plans are in place in case of emergency and that staff are fully aware of how to implement these plans. A new management approach has also been established.

By August, the council will ensure the security of outdoor boundaries, improve the design and layout of the children’s toilet cubicles, and make sure all staff have necessary training.

A report on the inspection and the action being taken will be brought before councillors after the summer.