Master plan for Peterhead Community Campus agreed by Area Committee

Aberdeenshire Council has made a further commitment to making progress on the plans for a new £71million community campus in Peterhead.

Work has been underway for a number of months to progress towards the new campus, which has been formally incorporated into the Capital Plan. Meanwhile, alongside the school, there are a series of significant capital programmes identified for Peterhead around early years, Health and Social Care, Housing and Community Facilities/well-being. There is also the regeneration work which these wider capital programmes impact on. Peterhead is one of the areas focussed on by the Community Planning Partnership’s Locality Planning approach.

As a result, the Buchan Area Committee recently signed off the creation of a ‘master-planning’ approach for the town. As part of this new approach, officers from across services will work together on ensuring the community campus is built as soon as possible and ties in with other community projects.

Cllr Norman Smith, Aberdeenshire Council’s Buchan Area Committee chair, said: “I would like to reassure residents in Peterhead that although the 2023 to 2028 dates outlined in our capital plan appear far off, we are working quickly and purposefully to ensure this fantastic state-of-the-art community campus is built as soon as possible so that people in this town will see the benefits.

“We are absolutely committed to making Peterhead the best possible place for people to live, work and visit. As well as the new community campus there improvements such as Drummers Corner; new businesses relocating to the town and attractions such as the Arbuthnot Museum and recreational facilities such as Catto Park demonstrate that we are working with the community to positively transform Peterhead.

“The committee has requested to be kept fully updated over the coming months as plans for the community campus develop.”

Whilst consultation into the site of the community campus is ongoing, there is a clear preference for the new campus to be built on the Kinmundy Road site with the sports, community and cultural facilities to be constructed at the current academy site.

The detailed work on the options will take place over the next six months and a recommendation will be taken back through Committee by the end of 2018. The proposals for the master plan were agreed by councillors at a meeting of the Buchan Area Committee on Tuesday, June 19.