Are you ready to start your adoption journey?

We are running a preparation to adopt course in September. However, registration is now open.

The course is run over four days: Friday, September 14, Monday, September 17, Friday, September 21 and Friday, September 28. The course will take place at Aberdeenshire Council's Woodhill House headquarters in Aberdeen.

By taking part you could make a real difference to a child's life. Here is Jack's story:

Jack was born six weeks premature. Shortly after his birth, it was noted Jack was displaying signs of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, his mother had used heroin and crack cocaine throughout her pregnancy.  As a result he was prescribed morphine and medicated appropriately over a short period of time to help his little body cope with the effects of drug withdrawal.

In addition to drug misuse, Jack’s mother was in a violent relationship with her then boyfriend, Jack’s dad. Social work records indicated that as a way to manage stress she consumed alcohol regularly and was often seen unsteady on her feet around her neighbourhood heavily pregnant.

Jack’s mum agreed for him to go into foster care when he was ready to leave hospital as she knew she needed to gain control of her own life before she could look after him. Despite a high level of support from social work, Jack’s mum was sadly unable to beat her addictions and escape her abusive relationship. The social work recommendation was for Jack to be adopted.

Jack is now two-years-old and moved into the care of prospective adoptive parents at 10 months old. Health professionals advised his adoptive parents that Jack may develop foetal alcohol syndrome as he grows up as we know his mum consumed alcohol during her pregnancy. The prospective adopters for Jack accepted his developmental uncertainties and potential health issues.

In the 14 months they have cared for him, they have ensured he is provided with loving and consistent care and met all health appointments required, taking advice and guidance. The prospective adopters are very aware of the need to help Jack understand his birth history and his journey to adoption as he grows up. In preparation for this they have started a memory box for Jack where they keep anything significant from his birth family, especially photos of his birth parents. Jack is thriving, he is full of fun and a very happy boy who is securely attached to his adoptive parents.

Are you ready to start your adoption journey? Email or Telephone 01467 532800.