A message for people with private water supplies

There are parts of Aberdeenshire where water levels are at what is described as 'significant scarcity' by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, which means that there may be pressure on water supplies. Please keep using water wisely.
We are working with Scottish Water and the Scottish Government to provide bottled water and tanks to those whose private supply is running dry, at no cost. This would normally be something that we would expect owners to source themselves, but these are not normal circumstances. We are prioritising requests from those more vulnerable in the first instance. If you need help, please contact the council by emailing
environmental@aberdeenshire.gov.uk or phoning 01467 539539 (during office hours). The Environmental Health Service will respond as quickly as possible to your enquiry.
Long term, the service is providing advice on looking at future solutions such as support to help connect to the mains. If that is not possible, improvements to the current source or forming a new supply can be considered. Grants may be available for some of this work.
There are over 7500 private water supplies in Aberdeenshire serving approximately 11500 properties. This is by far the highest number of any local authority in Scotland.