Crovie Landslip works update 17.8.18

Work is now well underway to tackle a landslip at Crovie which has closed the access road to the village since September 2017, meaning it can only be accessed on foot.

Soil nailing has begun on the lower slope beneath the zone of recorded movement along the road. Once the nails are in place, mesh will be installed to restrict slope movement and halt further degradation of the existing road surface.

Road regrading, strengthening and resurfacing works will then be carried out, as well as the installation of new surface and ground water drainage systems.

Over the last few days, safety barriers and fencing have been installed, additional surveying has taken place and plant and materials have been brought to the site.

Four sacrificial soil nails have been installed and grouted at locations across the slope as a test, prior to the installation of the remaining 170 soil nails.

In March, the council's Infrastructure Services Committee agreed the method for dealing with the landslip at an estimated cost of £500,000, funded from the Harbour, Coast Protection and Flooding capital budget. See:
The contract for the works was awarded to Geo-Rope Ltd, a geotechnical and rope access company based in Ballachulish.
The project is expected to take 8 – 10 weeks to complete, less than had initially been anticipated, with the road expected to reopen to traffic in mid-November.
Working hours on site are 0800 – 1800 daily on a 12 day rotation, with no work on site every second weekend.
This coming weekend (Saturday and Sunday August 18 and 19) will be a full working weekend.
Contact Project Manager Jonathan Duncan with any queries on 01467 535314 or email: