Community initiative sees Alford town centre litter bins replaced to help keep town clean

Ahead of World Clean-up day next week (Sat, September 15), the council and the local community in Alford have worked together to ensure streets can stay tidy with the replacement of seven litter bins.

Alford and District Rotary Club yesterday (September 4) presented local councillors with the new bins, which it has kindly donated.

The old litter bins, also donated to the town by the club, have seen better days and were due for replacement.

The club is a registered charity and aims to support local communities.

The environment and local community will benefit from the recycling of the old bins which will be given a new lease of life by being recycled into new car parts through our local scrap metal contractor.

The new litter bins are embossed with the Rotary club’s logo and will be spread throughout the town centre of Alford.

Chair of the Marr Area Committee, Moira Ingleby, said: “We are extremely grateful to the Alford and District Rotary Club for their kind donation.

“Littering is still an issue that we are tackling and providing new, prominent bins for residents to responsibly dispose of their waste whilst on the move is a positive step.

“I encourage everyone to put their litter in a bin or take them home, instead of dumping it on the streets or in any other part of our beautiful, diverse landscape.”

Vice Chair of the Marr Area Committee, John Latham said: “I am delighted that the Rotary Club have generously donated litter bins to the town, it is great to see people working together to enhance the area for future generations.

President of the Alford and District Rotary Club, Mr. Richard Lattimer said: “I am proud to have the opportunity to provide replacement litter bins”.

“I am confident that the replacement bins’ presence will focus the community to act responsibly with their litter and keep Alford Town Centre clean”.