Environmental Health Service completes initiative to measure UV output from sunbed tubes at local businesses

Aberdeenshire Council’s Environmental Health Service has completed an initiative to measure the UV output from sunbed tubes at businesses across the area.
Officers undertook advisory visits to premises owning or hiring out sunbeds to help protect users from over exposure of UV radiation.
Checks ascertained whether sunbeds complied with the relevant European standard and tested whether equipment was considered to be operating within legal limits.
The visits took place over three weeks in May and June to verify whether or not businesses are complying with the European standard irradiance level of 0.3W/m2.
A tanning session using compliant tubes delivers the same tanning effects as the Mediterranean mid-day summer sun without the risk of burning, which non-compliant bulbs may present.
Officers visited 28 establishments across Aberdeenshire, with 17 of premises (61%) found to be fully compliant.
Those businesses which did not comply were recommended to replace sunbed tubes due to the health risks associated with users overexposing themselves to UV radiation and consequently increasing the risk of burning and the development of skin cancer.
One enforcement notice was served on a business due to the lack of maintenance of tanning equipment.
The Environmental Health Service worked together with The Sunbed Association, which provided solar meters to measure the UV intensity of the sunbeds. 
If anyone has any queries about the initiative, contact Environmental Health by email at: environmental@aberdeenshire.gov.uk