Year of Young People continues with Turriff Music Fest

Turriff Music Fest will take place at the Baden Powell Centre in the town on Saturday 10 November as part of Aberdeenshire Council’s exciting Year of Young People #YOYP2018 programme. The event will showcase a number of local bands and is a great opportunity for young people from across the local area to get together and celebrate local youth music talent.
Local bands and DJs brought together on the day from across Aberdeenshire will include: Halex, Cherry Bleach, Lead Pencils, Emily and Katie, and TDJ.
The event will take place from 5pm to 9pm and is free for all to enjoy.
You can find out more about events taking place as part of #YOYP2018 at You can also find out more on the Work With Young People Aberdeenshire Facebook page at: