Longhaven and Strachan schools among those open to applications

As we look forward to welcoming nursery and primary school applications to all of our establishments across Aberdeenshire this month, we’d like to remind everyone ALL schools are open to applications, including those which are currently mothballed.

Mothballing is the temporary closure of a school which does not, in itself, lead to statutory consultation. This applies to two of our schools at present: Longhaven and Strachan primaries.

In order for a school to become operational again, there requires to be sufficient pupils on the roll to make educational experiences viable, and to ensure that pupils receive the broad curricular entitlements that the local authority is expected to provide to all children.

Parents of children who are due to start P1 or nursery in August 2019 should apply for enrolment to the school of their choice during the admissions period in January 2019. Placing requests from other schools will also be considered at this time.

Officers are currently reviewing the position at Longhaven and Strachan and will consider all available information in planning for the future. The number of applications received in January will form part of this.

As these are both rural schools there is a presumption against closure and Aberdeenshire Council must ensure that all other alternatives have been identified and robustly considered prior to undertaking any statutory consultation on this matter.

Engagement with local communities has been continuing. If you have any questions or comments, please email the Learning Estates Team at learningestates@aberdeenshire.gov.uk