Banff nursery praised in inspection

Inspectors have praised management and staff at Banff nursery for their kindness and nurturing approach to the children in their care.

The review by the Care Inspectorate also commended the staff for their commitment to self-development and training.

Banff nursery received “very good” ratings for quality of care and support and quality of environment whilst quality of staffing and quality of management and leadership were rated as “good” following the unannounced inspection in December.

The report said: “Staff were kind, caring and nurturing. We observed children, and their families being welcomed and included in the setting. Staff recognised the importance of working closely with families in order to fully support children to reach their potential. We observed staff enabling children to choose and make decisions about what they wanted to do; children who required help were supported and encouraged by staff in a positive way.”

In a previous inspection in May 2017, Banff nursery received “good” ratings for care and support, quality of environment and quality of staffing whilst the quality of management and leadership was considered “adequate”.

There are 152 primary schools, 87 nurseries and 17 secondary schools in Aberdeenshire.