ISC Committee Round up 24.1.19

The first Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC) meeting of 2019 began with a presentation by John Grant, Environmental Health team manager, about the team’s work in the area of animal health and welfare. He was joined by Senior Animal Health and Welfare Inspector Pauline Anderson and they both spoke to councillors about some of the work they do, the agencies they work with and the challenges they face. The team described cases on which they had worked, including a harrowing instance of animal neglect on a local farm which led to prosecution and a ban on keeping animals for a farmer, and another case where animal slaughter waste was transported illegally, spilling material onto local roads, which also led to prosecution. 

The team uses proactive surveillance and enforcement to carry out some of its specialist functions, as well as reacting to intelligence from partner agencies, and is very active in reporting cases to the Procurator Fiscal for potential prosecution, the committee heard.

From day to day they could be inspecting a slaughterhouse, livestock market or a suspected puppy farm, or premises involved in egg or dairy production. The team is also primed to be at the forefront of the local response to any outbreak of animal disease.

They also help deal with whale strandings on the area’s beaches, which can pose a public health risk. 

The committee went on to deal with a number of planning applications, including applications seeking Full Planning Permission for 33 houses, 58 flats and associated infrastructure at two locations on the Ury Estate, Stonehaven. The application by Kirkwood Homes was judged by planners to be a departure from the Local Development Plan, but was approved by the committee following a vote, after concerns about the layout, siting and design of the proposal had been discussed. 

Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2021 - Development Plan Scheme 2019

The committee approved the Council’s Development Plan Scheme 2019, which provides a programme for preparing a Local Development Plan. 

This includes: proposed timetabling; details of what is likely to be involved at each stage of the Local Development Plan process; details of when consultation is likely to take place and with whom, its likely form and also the steps taken to involve the public in the stages of Plan preparation and review (known as a “Participation Statement”).

You can see the Development Plan Scheme in the report to committee.

Waste Strategy 2019 – 2023

The committee agreed a new Waste Strategy for Aberdeenshire, which affects the future of recycling and waste services.

A package of measures is being rolled out to ensure Aberdeenshire treats materials as a resource, recognising the value they represent and the environmental benefits of increased recycling.

Sending waste to landfill costs much more than recycling, so not only does maximising the value of a material benefit the environment, it also frees up money for other council services.

Read more about the new Waste Strategy here:

You can see the related report to committee on the council’s website.

Regional Economic Strategy and Partnerships update

The committee received an update on work associated with the Regional Economic Strategy and regional partnerships which have a bearing on the work and direction of the Economic Development Service.

These included The North East Scotland Food and Drink Network and Opportunity North East (ONE), a private sector led and funded economic development body established in late 2015 to catalyse action and investment to deliver a sustainable economic future for north-east Scotland through business growth and diversification.

Councillors were given the opportunity to comment on and ultimately endorsed the contents of the report, which can be seen on the council’s website.

The committee also instructed the Head of Economic Development and Protective Services to submit a further update report for its consideration in six months.

Watch the meeting

You can watch the whole meeting, which was webcast as it took place, on the council’s website.