Alehousewells nursery praised in inspection

Inspectors have praised Alehousewells School nursery for their inclusive ethos and welcoming environment.

The review by the Care Inspectorate also acknowledged that the outdoor areas had undergone significant changes since the last inspection.

Alehousewells nursery received a “very good” ratings for quality of care and support and quality of environment. Quality of staffing and quality of management and leadership were not assessed during this inspection.

The report said: “The nursery had made changes to their opening hours and offered a flexible service supportive to the needs of children and their families. This meant some children were able to attend full day sessions, helping to meet their individual needs and provide them with continuity and familiar routines. The service had worked collaboratively with the community development team who provide support to families. This contributed to improved outcomes for children.”

There are 152 primary schools, 87 nurseries and 17 secondary schools in Aberdeenshire.