Ellon Community Campus update

Specialists will be appointed in order to fix ongoing issues with Ellon Community Campus, it was agreed today.

At a meeting of the Formartine Area Committee, Councillors discussed a report which detailed the issues that have been in place since the campus opened in 2015. A number of defects have been discussed with the original contractor, including the condition of the playing fields and drainage issues. The playing field issue means the pitches have only been in use intermittently since opening, and the Council have had to work to provide alternatives in the Ellon community.

Today, Area Committee members agreed to engage a specialist consultant to carry out a programme of work on the playing fields. Members agreed to fund the work to fix the defects to the pitches.

Cllr Isobel Davidson, Chair of the Area Committee, said: “Each member around the table today appreciates the frustration from the wider community about the Community Campus pitches The Ellon Campus itself is a space that the community can remain proud of, and I am confident that these specialists will deliver the necessary work as quickly and efficiently as possible. We support Council officers as they continue to discuss remediation with the original contractor, as well as working with specialists to see this fixed once and for all.” 

Iain Taylor, Area Committee vice-chair, said “Discussions recently demonstrate that all the members of the Committee understand how much of an impact these issues are having for the users of the Campus. It is necessary that these works are done right, to prevent any future issues.”
The agreement today could see the defect works undertaken later this summer.