Canal Park consultation postponed

A public consultation on the proposed sale of land at Canal Park in Banff has been postponed to ensure as many people as possible have the chance to share their views.

The land at Canal Park/Old Market Place was identified for potential retail use last year and a preferred bidder was identified earlier this year.

As a large portion of the site is designated as ‘common good land', part of the procedure for the proposed sale requires the council to consult with the community about the proposed sale of the land and invite views for consideration.

At its recent meeting, The Banff & Buchan Area Committee agreed that the consultation should proceed, with a survey due to be made available earlier this week.

Following the meeting and after further consideration it was decided that the process should be postponed, given the restrictions in place across the country as part of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response.

Banff & Buchan Area Manager Angela Keith explained: “We know that a lot of individuals and community groups will be keen to share their views on these proposals, but we would have been unable to undertake any face-to-face engagement in the current circumstances.

“In discussion with councillors, we have decided to postpone the consultation for now, with a view to being able to hold public events to support the process once government advice allows.”

A revised date for the consultation has not been set as yet but will be reviewed in the coming weeks in line with national guidance.