Worthwhile causes in Formartine benefit from Community Resilience Fund

Here is a round-up of grants that have been given to worthwhile causes in Formartine thanks to the Aberdeenshire Community Resilience Fund.

Aberdeenshire Council recently approved the creation of the support mechanism in light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

In just a few weeks of the fund being available, there have already been a number of grants awarded to worthwhile community groups across Aberdeenshire. 

North East Transport Training (NETT) is a social enterprise that has diverted its usual programmes to support the local community during the Coronavirus. NETT is working with the Ellon Community Resilience Group, Grampian Coronavirus Assistance Hub, and the NHS and the community. NETT provides safe transport for older people to shop where bus services have been withdrawn or reduced. It is also taking the elderly to and from medical appointments where they would be unable to attend by public transport. This is done by volunteers driving cars and minibuses. 

Ellon Parish Church of Scotland run a Basics Barn offering food, toiletries and basics parcels to anyone in need. During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic they are looking for additional funding to support the costs of extra food, toiletries and cleaning supplies required to meet the much-increased need in the local community. They are working in partnership with community organisations such as Ellon Community Resilience Group, Aberdeenshire North Foodbank, FareShare, local supermarkets, shops, businesses and the other churches in Ellon and surrounding area to ensure folks have access to the basics we all need.

Belhevie Community Council and Belhevie Community Trust are working in partnership as a community resilience group to compile a database to match those who are self-isolating with volunteers who will provide support. The assistance consists of collecting and delivering essential shopping or prescriptions, dog walking and telephone support. A grant will be used to cover food, household cleaning products, medication and sanitary supplies as well as volunteers’ travel.

Tarves People’s Party are helping the elderly and vulnerable in the community who are self-isolating. A grant application has been submitted to cover food, toiletries and basic requirements. Monquhitter Amenities Association is collecting and distributing shopping and prescriptions to those in need within the village. The funding requested will be spent on supporting this.

Constituted community groups, resilience groups and volunteering organisations can submit a single application form to the Formartine Area Manager Elaine Brown.

Each of the six areas in Aberdeenshire will have a £20,000 allocation, with the £80,000 balance being available to the whole of Aberdeenshire to be administered by the chair of the Community Resilience and Partnership Workstream.

Grants of up to £2,000 for community resilience work are available. As further community resilience funds become available from the Scottish Government, the value of grants and the criteria will be reviewed, however the principle aim at present is to be as flexible as possible for each individual community.

The Formartine Area Manager Team, along with Community Learning and Development, Public Health and Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action the Rural Partnerships and other partners, will continue to work with community resilience groups and volunteers in their areas to provide support and identify any gaps in provision. 

A coordinated approach is also being made with the Local Resilience Partnership and in particular with the British Red Cross, Aberdeen City Council and The Moray Council to ensure the maximum benefit, coverage and support is provided across the Grampian area.

You can access the form here: https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/communities-and-events/funding/community-resilience-covid-19/