12 June 2020

Statement - Full Council

Read by Provost of Aberdeenshire Cllr Bill Howatson

10 June 2020

Before we move onto the substantive business of today’s meeting, I’d like to reflect on recent events and how they are shaping our communities across Aberdeenshire.

The pandemic has brought out the best in our communities and it is important to acknowledge and celebrate this. Aberdeenshire is a welcoming place, and our communities share a sense of real cohesion, trust, respect, friendship and camaraderie. That strong sense of community, of supporting each other and standing together in difficult times, is not something any of us should take for granted.

We have all watched in horror the events unfolding in the US, and the protests spreading across the UK against racism.

We are committed to promoting equality in our communities, and condemning racism in all its forms. We all have a responsibility to make a stand against injustice and to defend the human rights of all.