18 June 2020

Aberdeenshire Council extends consultation on Proposed Local Development Plan

Aberdeenshire Council has extended the online consultation on its Proposed Local Development Plan 2020 (LDP) until Friday, July 31.

Following close monitoring of the consultation to-date and having listened to concerns raised by some stakeholders, the decision has been taken to extend the period by a fortnight.

This means the consultation will run for 10 weeks - four weeks longer than the statutory minimum period.

All statutory stakeholders including community councils will be notified of this additional period during which representations can be accepted.

In light of physical distancing measures, changes introduced though the Covid-19 emergency legislation and guidance from the Chief Planner, the local authority considered it appropriate to publish a revised Development Plan Scheme for 2020 with a new participation statement outlining the engagement to be undertaken associated with the Proposed LDP 2020.

The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020, includes provision to allow planning authorities to undertake public consultation without the need to make physical copies of documents available for inspection, for example in libraries or planning offices.

In place of nine drop-in events, the council is engaging with stakeholders by way of electronic means such as virtual drop-ins, Q&A sessions and a 24-hour virtual ‘live chat’ platform. This can be accessed by clicking on the following link: https://aberdeenshirepldp2020.consultation.ai/

The council’s various social media platforms are being used to widely publicise the Proposed LDP and promote the production of three short films on the plan-making process.

There is also the ability for the Local Development Plan to be read aloud when opened online to make it as accessible as possible.

While it is recognised that the lack of engagement through the provision of physical documents and face to face communication throughout the consultation period will not suit everyone, it is hoped that this pragmatic approach will reach as wide an audience as possible in the circumstances.

Those who do not use or have limited access to online facilities can still fully participate in the consultation process. The Planning Service continues to provide full contact details for engagement by telephone or via written correspondence with their planning officers and this alternative means of communication will be similarly welcomed where necessary. 

To make a written response, you can write to the: Planning Policy Team, Infrastructure Services, Aberdeenshire Council, Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB165GB.
If you wish to discuss any matters with a member of the team, call 01467 536230.

In keeping with the initial Development Plan Scheme, Aberdeenshire Council has notified  all neighbouring properties to proposed development sites and views  are being sought on the proposals.

Similarly, all those who made comments on the Main Issues Report have been  contactedand invited to examine the outcomes of the council’s deliberations on the issues identified during the Main Issues Report stage.

Aberdeenshire Council formally agreed its Proposed LDP on March 5 and will submit its proposals to Scottish Ministers for examination later this year, following consideration of representations received during the consultation period.

The Proposed LDP and supporting documents are available online at:

As part of the public consultation, three short films are available on Aberdeenshire Council's YouTube channel by clicking on the following links:

The LDP Process: https://bit.ly/LDP-makingprocess
The Proposed LDP: https://bit.ly/PLDP2020
Public Engagement: https://bit.ly/PLDP2020consultation