Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshow cancelled owing to Covid-19

Organisers of the hugely successful Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshow have confirmed that the event due to be held this year will not be staged owing to the ongoing Covid 19 emergency.

With thousands of North-east students returning to school, the difficult decision has had to be taken to cancel the event and plan ahead for the future.

The roadshow – hosted annually at the beach ballroom – features representatives of the emergency services, road accident survivors and those who have lost family members who share their experiences.

During the presentations, would-be teenage drivers and passengers from across Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen City and Moray witness graphic scenes of car accidents and their aftermath, following the story as it moves from rescue to emergency hospital treatment and police investigations.

Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Communities Committee, Cllr Anne Stirling, said: “While the cancellation of this year’s Safe Drive Stay Alive event is hugely disappointing for everyone involved, the safety and wellbeing of our students, teachers and all those connected with the staging of this important event remain our top priority.

“I know how much work and dedication has already gone into the planning of this year’s roadshow and I want to thank the organisers and sponsors for all their efforts.

The importance of the Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshow in our community cannot be underestimated. Its hard-hitting message highlights the often horrific outcomes as a result of poor driving such as speeding and being distracted.

The event has been a long-running partnership approach to road safety involving the emergency services, local authorities, agencies and business supporters. The specially-commissioned film features actors alongside live presentations from fire and paramedic crews, traffic police officers and health professionals.

It is designed to bring home to young adults some of the physical and emotional scars which can result from a road traffic collision. Many road accidents involving young drivers and passengers are a result of high spirits and a moment’s inattention.