Committee commends service for continued support in midst of Covid-19

Now that schools have reopened, Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee paid tribute to determination, resilience, and ingenuity shown by staff over the summer.

A report to the committee highlighted how the service had adapted from offering a ‘blended learning’ approach to schools opening full-time earlier this month following an earlier announcement by the Deputy First Minister John Swinney.

There were also updates about staff working throughout the summer delivering home learning and using digital technology innovatively; arrangements for cleaning were made allowing staff to return to school settings before the start of the new term; discussions about ongoing cleaning and janitorial arrangements also took place; processes were implemented so that vulnerable children’s needs were met over the summer and the Catering Service finalised plans for school lunches to be served whilst meeting Scottish Government guidelines.

Cllr Gillian Owen, Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee chair, said: “A huge congratulations to all staff in the service for the way in which they have responded in ensuring schools returned full-time earlier this month. The service has shown real adaptability and a determination to ensure every child received a helping hand over the summer with online learning at home.

“I would also like to pay tribute again to the childcare hubs which ran over the summer. These hubs allowed those important key workers to provide support to those who need it most whilst safe in the knowledge their children were being looked after.”

The report highlighted how many services had provided support for families during the summer holidays whilst adhering to the restrictions in place to combat the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. This included the Educational Psychology Service offering a confidential helpline to any parent or carer who had a wellbeing or educational concern; children’s service social workers continuing to offer a service to children, young people and families across Aberdeenshire; children’s homes remaining open throughout the summer; foster carers, adopters and kinship carers continuing to provide high quality care and support, which included providing a safe home.

Committee vice chair Cllr Rosemary Bruce added: “It is hugely commendable that staff have providing essential services to children, young people and families across Aberdeenshire in the midst of a global pandemic. I am heartened to see many services available for those who need them most ensuring they continue to receive the care and support they require.” 

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