Strong public engagement in Lived Experiences Online Forum across Aberdeenshire

An online forum developed to support North-east families and improve service provision continues to enjoy very strong engagement among residents.

‘Local Voices’ is a Lived Experiences Online Forum developed by Aberdeenshire Council’s Tackling Poverty and Inequalities team which focuses on gathering the views and experiences from families who have a limited income.

Families engaging with the forum receive support from project development worker Agnese Carter who helps in various ways whether it be just a friendly chat or providing vital support during a crisis situation.

Agnese also manages a Facebook page ‘Parents Come Together in Aberdeenshire’ and a closed group ‘Together We Share’ which is a safe place for any family who would like to chat and feel connected with others.

Here are just some of the positive comments from families:

“I have found this forum and the parents together page on Facebook so helpful. I have learned more things and seen more opportunities for help and support than I have ever seen and it’s all in these two places. It gives parents so much hope that there is someone out there that can and will help.”

“Hearing others who are in similar situations experiences helps and I also feel that I am able to contribute my experiences and not being judged for them in anyway whatsoever.”

“I would say that it has been very helpful just being able to hear from people who are in the same situation as you and that you can relate to. I think it is great that people can give you advice but unless you have experienced it or been in a similar situation then you can’t empathise with them.”

Commenting on the Lived Experiences Online Forum, Agnese said: “The success of this project has exceeded all my expectations and has been very well received by the families who continue to participate on a regular basis.

“In the beginning, people were not sure what the forum was all about, but very quickly we saw the numbers grow. The project now has a very healthy number of families who are engaging with the project and feedback has been very positive.

“However, due to Covid-19 we believe that the circumstances of many families may have changed, therefore we are looking for more families who would like to share their views and receive support at the same time to come on board with us.”

To find out more about the Lived Experiences Online forum, contact Agnese via email at or private message on the Facebook page ‘Parents Come Together in Aberdeenshire’.