07 December 2020

Councillors accept offer in principle on historical Peterhead building

Councillors have accepted in principle a purchase offer which could see a historic Peterhead building saved from demolition.

Members of Aberdeenshire Council’s Buchan Area Committee discussed the purchase offer for Glenugie Business Centre in private on Tuesday (Dec 1, 2020).

Although details of the offer and proposals remain commercially sensitive, the initial plans do suggest retention of the former North School, built in 1877.

Earlier this year the committee heard that despite a lengthy period of marketing and engagement with interested parties,  the Council had been unable to secure a purchaser for the Windmill Street and King Street properties and that, regrettably, the only viable course of action was to demolish the buildings on site in the expectation that a cleared site would be of greater market appeal.

The local authority currently has significant holding costs for the vacant properties and these costs could rise as further deterioration in the condition of the buildings occurs.

Commenting on the sale offer, Buchan Area Committee chair Cllr Norman Smith said: “Although it is very early in the negotiations, we were in full agreement that this offer be accepted which, we hope, will include the retention and redevelopment of the historical former North School.

“We are under no illusions as to the scale of any potential development of these premises and I would urge patience within the community to enable the purchaser to formulate their plans.”