09 December 2020

"Simple, practical tips..." educational psychologists expand resources for parents and carers

As part of its ongoing focus on nurturing approaches, Aberdeenshire Council’s Educational Psychology Service has developed leaflets on key topics which contain advice for parents and carers. The leaflets have also been designed as a helpful resource for schools and the many other services involved in Aberdeenshire’s children’s services planning partnership in their work with families.

The local planning partnership involves colleagues from NHS Grampian, Police Scotland and Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action, among others, all recognising the importance of a loving, responsive and safe parent/carer-child relationship and doing everything they can to support this.

Principal Educational Psychologist Carron Douglas explains: “Positive relationships are so important for healthy development in childhood. The topics selected for the new leaflets aim to help build resilience, connection, and secure attachment. The leaflets translate the research in these areas into simple, practical tips for parents and carers.”

The new leaflets are available on Aberdeenshire Council’s Educational Psychology Service website at: https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/as/aberdeenshireeps/family-nurture-leaflets/

There, you will also find a short presentation which can be used to provide an overview for staff groups, parent councils and others working with children and families. View this at: https://blogs.glowscotland.org.uk/as/aberdeenshireeps/parent-information/

Cllr Gillian Owen, Chair of Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee adds: “Carron’s team is doing a fantastic job of sharing their expertise beyond those who they may work with directly and raising awareness among families as well as all those services who work with families. This is especially important as we continue, collectively, to endeavour to support children and young people to enjoy great mental health and to give children the best start in life. I would absolutely urge you to take a look.”

Aberdeenshire’s joint children’s services planning approach is agreed through the Children’s Services Plan 2020 – 2023. View the plan, see the actions as they are set out across the partnership and find out more on the GIRFEC Aberdeenshire website: https://www.girfec-aberdeenshire.org/ There you will also find a host of contact details to guide you if you have any child protection concerns: https://www.girfec-aberdeenshire.org/report-a-concern/