19 March 2021

Celebrating LGBT Youth Scotland Purple Friday

Aberdeenshire Council’s Housing Options and Homelessness Team has been raising funds for a national youth charity as they work towards formal accreditation with the group.

As part of the Youth Scotland LGBT Charter Silver Award, the team recently celebrated Purple Friday by holding a virtual coffee morning. This year’s event focused on a ‘Pass the Torch Relay’ to build a community of LGBT allies and friends across Scotland. 

“We had hoped to hold events in offices, including home bakes, raffles, etc,” explained team member and Assistant Housing Officer Sarah Mackie. “However, we had to improvise and thanks to the technology, we were able to hold our coffee morning virtually through Microsoft Teams.

“We set a joining fee of £1 to be part of the Purple Friday celebrations, the annual fundraising day for LGBTI young people in Scotland. There was no obligation to attend, but we were delighted with the response and a good laugh was had by all. It was great to come together on a Friday morning and meet our own colleagues in a more relaxed, non-working environment for an hour.”

As part of the virtual coffee morning, the team held a quiz and awarded a prize for the best purple outfit or cupcake.

Entries were judged by the team’s LGBT working group and the day’s activities raised £73.50, which the group rounded up to £100 as a donation to LGBT Youth Scotland. 

The event is one of a number of activities the team has been undertaking as they work towards the silver accreditation, with the ultimate aim being to send a clear message to the LGBT community that the team is supportive and considerate of their needs.  

“We aim to convey a message to all our other services within Aberdeenshire Council as well as publicly showing our support for LGBT, and most importantly to LGBT people who may be reluctant to contact us for assistance. 

“Due to the current pandemic, all our offices are closed now so we want to make sure anyone who needs support will feel comfortable to get in touch and know they will be met with a positive experience.”

For more information about LGBT Youth Scotland, visit https://www.lgbtyouth.org.uk/