15 July 2021

Glenna Hendry appointed acting head teacher of Slains School

Glenna Hendry has been appointed acting head teacher of Slains Primary School in Collieston.

She succeeds Duncan Reaves who has become acting head teacher of Meiklemill Primary School for the next 23 months.

Speaking about her reaction to her appointment Glenna Hendry said: “I’m absolutely thrilled. It was exactly what I wanted. I had come up to do a temporary secondment and within not very long at all I realised I wanted to take on a leadership position. I am loving every minute of it. I was very thrilled to be told I was the successful candidate in my interview.”

Learning and teaching will be Ms Hendry’s main priorities, but another area of focus will be the use of the school grounds. “This school has the most phenomenal grounds, and the kids utilise them and do an amazing amount of work in the grounds with parents, helpers and staff. But they are not getting any official recognition for it, so one of my main aims is for us to regain our green flag and for the children to do the John Muir Award as well, so that they get an achievement and recognition for all the work they are already doing,” Ms Hendry said.

Ms Hendry was a pharmacist for five years after studying the subject at university. But as time went on, she thought about pursuing a career in teaching. Her desire to take up teaching became heightened as her own children progressed through school. This led her to apply to study a postgraduate degree in primary school teaching before she completed her probationary year at a small school in Peterhead. Then she became head teacher relief at a very small school. However, shortly after she moved with her family to Dubai, where she continued to teach in a variety of roles before progressing to year leader.

Speaking about teaching during the Coronavirus pandemic, Ms Hendry said: “It is amazing how adults wearing masks round little ones doesn’t phase them. They are not phased by putting the masks on themselves. They are far more aware of what’s going on than we give them credit for. When you speak to them about it, they are pretty on point. We need to give them a lot of credit that things don’t phase them as much as we think it is going to. As long as we are quite in control, they are fine with it.”

Cllr Gillian Owen, Aberdeenshire Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee chair, said: “Congratulations to Glenna Hendry! I am delighted to see someone with such enthusiasm for the role of head teacher being given this fabulous opportunity to drive forward Slains School. I wish you every happiness leading this school in such a very special corner of Aberdeenshire.”

Committee vice chair Cllr Rosemary Bruce said: “I would also like to wish Glenna Hendry well in being given this chance to use her experience gained in many different schools, including her time working abroad. I am looking forward to seeing the progress she makes and Slains School regaining its green flag award. Best of luck Glenna!”