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Session 2017-2018

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The annual membership charge is £33.50. You may attend more than one Aberdeenshire Music Centre at no additional cost.

For the 2017 - 2018 Session, Music Centres will operate on the following dates:

Friday 1 September to Tuesday 10 October 2017 inclusive
Tuesday 31 October to Saturday 9 December 2017 inclusive
Friday 12 January to Saturday 24 March 2018 inclusive inc

Please note that payment by debit or credit card is required to complete the online enrolment process (unless you are registered for Free School Meals*).

All applications are subject to the Instrumental Music Service's Terms and Conditions.

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This information is purely for use in connection with the council’s obligations relating to data protection and photography and will not be used for any other purpose. You are entitled to withdraw your consent to our use of photographs/video at any time by writing to the Instrumental Music Service. On receiving your withdrawal of consent, photographs will be removed from the council website, intranet, plasma screen displays and from any future printed publications. Publications already in print and in circulation, cannot be withdrawn.

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