Road closures and restrictions

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Find out about temporary road closures and restrictions in Aberdeenshire area. You can view roadworks on a map or view roadworks as a list.

We are not responsible for maintaining trunk roads (A90 and A96 in Aberdeenshire). You can view closures and restrictions on A90 and A96 on Traffic Scotland website.

To find out more about specific closures or restrictions contact us on 0345 6081 205 or email

RoadTown areaStart dateEnd dateLocation on the roadDetails
B993 Keithhall Road, Inverurie
Inverurie4 September 20174 March 2019From Keithall Bridge to No. 23 Keithhall RoadSpeed restriction

Site Safety/Construction Works to be carried out by Scottish Water

Restriction map - B993 Keithhall Road, Inverurie (PDF 258KB)
U16S Hill of Cook-Overbrae- Netherbrae and Den of Muck Roads
Fraserburgh9 June 201723 September 2018C15S to U16S Middlehill FarmRoad closure

Emergency closure due to flooding and landslip damage

Diversion: C15S, U16S

Diversion and closure map - U16S Hill of Cook-Overbrae- Netherbrae and Den of Muck Roads (PDF 318KB)
Diversion and closure map - U16S Hill of Cook-Overbrae- Netherbrae and Den of Muck Roads (PDF 318KB)
Rutherford Folds
Inverurie18 September 201718 March 2019Eastside from a point 16 metres or thereby north of its junction with B9710 Blackhall Road for a distance of 5 metres or thereby. Westside from a point of 15 metres or thereby north of its junction with B9170 Blackhall Road for a distance of 51 metres or therebyProhibition of waiting

Road safety - Aberdeenshire Council operations

Restriction map - Rutherford Folds (PDF 159KB)
Hatton Road
Turriff9 October 20179 October 2018Between Easterfield Road and Mayfield RoadProhibition of waiting

Restriction map - Hatton Road (PDF 167KB)
Dales View Drive
Peterhead6 November 2017 07:305 November 2018 16:30The junction with Berryden Road to full length of Dales View DriveProhibition of waiting

Construction of 31 houses at Middleton of Clerkhill.

Restriction map - Dales View Drive (PDF 145KB)
Market Square(North)
Stonehaven2 February 2018 17:0016 December 2018 14:00From Barclay Street to Allardice Street (both sides)Prohibition of waiting

The farmers and Produce Market 2018 PLEASE NOTE, THE PROHIBITION OF WAITING WILL APPLY FOR A PERIOD OF 21HOURS FROM 17:00HRS ON THE BELOW DATES ONLY: Friday 2nd February 2018 Friday 2nd March 2018 Friday 6th April 2018 Friday 4th May 2018 Friday 6th July 2018 Friday 3rd August 2018 Friday 31st August 2018 Friday 5th October 2018 Friday 2nd November 2018 Friday 30th November 2018 Friday 14th December 2018

Restriction map - Market Square(North) (PDF 321KB)
The Square
Huntly3 February 201815 December 2018From Castle Street to Duke StreetRoad closure

Closure for Huntly Farmers Market - CLOSED ON THE FOLLOWING DATES ONLY 3 February 2018 3 March 2018 7 April 2018 5 May 2018 2 June 2018 7 July 2018 4 August 2018 1 September 2018 6 October 2018 3 November 2018 1 December 2018 15 December 2018

Diversion: West Park Street and Meadow Street

Diversion and closure map - The Square (PDF 128KB)
Market Square (North)
Stonehaven3 February 2018 07:3015 December 2018 14:00From Barclay Street to Allardice StreetRoad closure

The Farmets & Produce Market PLEASE NOTE, THE CLOSURE WILL ONLY BE IN PLACE FROM 07:30HRS UNTIL 14:00HRS ON THE FOLLOWING DATES: 3rd February 2018 3rd March 2018 7th April 2018 5th May 2018 7th July 2018 4th August 2018 1st September 2018 6th October 2018 3rd November 2018 1st December 2018 15th December 2018

Diversion: Via Allardice Street - Market Square - Barclay Street and vice versa

Diversion and closure map - Market Square (North) (PDF 322KB)
Ellon20 January 201823 July 2018Ardlethan to EsslemontSpeed restriction

Speed Restriction 10mph

Restriction map - C1B (PDF 1MB)
U78S Pirriesmill
Huntly30 January 20189 August 2018Between A96 and Wester NewbiggingRoad closure

Road extensively Damaged by HGV vehicles

Diversion: Dead End Road

Diversion and closure map - U78S Pirriesmill (PDF 987KB)