Apply for a nursery place

The admissions period for ELC places for academic session 2023/24 was open between 23rd January to 3rd February and has now closed. Late applications will still be recorded but might not be processed until those received within the admissions period have been dealt with.

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Please use this form to apply for a funded place in a council nursery, private nursery, playgroup or childminder (we call these settings) for:

  • A 3 or 4 year old child from August
  • A 4 and a half year old child if you would like to defer their entry to primary one (only if your child turns 5 after the start of the school term and by end of February)

If you are only applying for a funded place in a private nursery, playgroup or childminder (known as funded providers), please make sure you have confirmation of your place before applying.

Please don’t use this form if you are looking to apply for a funded place for an eligible 2 year old.

If you are not sure which to apply for view our Admissions Booklet or contact Early Learning and Childcare team.