Archaeology Service Sites and Monuments Record (SMR)

Aberdeenshire SMR Angus SMR Moray SMR

The Archaeology Service maintains the Sites and Monuments Record, more commonly referred to as the SMR, for Aberdeenshire, Angus and Moray Councils.

Access the Aberdeenshire, Angus or Moray online summary SMR databases

The full versions of the databases are held in the office by the Service and contain information on nearly 30,000 sites of archaeological and historical interest ranging from Mesolithic flints to airfields of World War II. The information consists of a computerised database linked to a GIS (Geographical Information System) with further physical records of maps, photographs, articles and reports.

The databases are updated regularly with all new discoveries, including those made by our own aerial photography programme.

The online summary versions of the Aberdeenshire SMR, Angus SMR and the Moray SMR databases have over 30,000 records that can be searched by you. The sites recorded vary from well-known and regularly visited ones to less obvious landscape features such as cropmarks.

The online databases are not suitable for Planning or Utility applications.