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Primary ReferenceNO45SE0030
NRHE Card No.NO45SE30
NRHE Numlink 33776
HES SM No. 2869
Site Form Standing Structure
Site Condition Incomplete
Details Remains of a circular homestead, formerly described as a fort on both the 1st and 2nd edition OS maps (c.1867 and c.1888), also known as 'Rob's Rede'. Regarded as a dubious fort and having 'no natural strength' by Christison in 1900, who also noted that the interior was uneven, being higher at the west and that the wall-facing stones were larger than expected for a fort. It has subsequently been reclassified as a ring-fort, then as a dun (of the small house-like sub-category) and currently as a 'circular homestead', a structure designed for a pastoral economy, to house both livestock and their guardians. In form it is a single-walled circular enclosure contained within a circular stony mound. The homestead is 32m in diameter overall and 16m diameter internally. The wall is now represented by a heap of small stones, overgrown with grass and spread to 7.7 m. The interior, dished in profile, lies 1.2 m below the crest of the wall, and externally the wall is 1 m high on the N, but elsewhere only c. 30 cm high. There is no positive trace of an entrance, but this may have been on the south where a footpath passes through the wall. Some slab-like stones lie around the site. It is situated on the western edge of a high east/west ridge with an extensive view, which is also on the edge of extensive pasture. When the OS surveyed it in 1958 they also recorded the traces of a square enclosure on the northwest side, a low turf bank c. 3m broad and 0.1m high, enclosing an area 13m square. This probably represents a fairly recent stock enclosure. Both of these features are visible on vertical aerial photographs taken by the RAF in 1953.
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Easting: 349068.5277984, Northing: 752434.159305828

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National Grid Reference: NO 4906 5243

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