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Primary ReferenceNO57NE0003
NRHE Card No.NO57NE3
NRHE Numlink 35145
HES SM No. 116
Site Form Standing Structure
Site Condition Incomplete
Details Remains of a stone circle, of two concentric rings, possibly a recumbent stone circle. It stands on a turf-covered mound, about 15.5m in diameter and 0.6m high, to the south of, and partially truncated by, the road to Cormeallie Farm. Some stones were observed built into the adjoining dyke and another was built into the centre support of a cart-shed. Three stones appeared to be in situ, giving an overall diameter of 14.5m. Four of the stones from the smaller inner circle survive in the east, c.2m inside the outer circle. A fifth stone in the south stands erect but may not be in situ. To the west of this stone are three recumbent stones one of which measures 3m x 2.2 m x 0.5 m. The shape and size of this stone and its position on the SSW arc of the circle tentatively suggested to the OS that Colmeallie was a possible recumbent stone circle but it could not be positively determined. Barclay and Ruggles re-examined the remains and concluded in 1999 that Colmeallie is 'a classic, if rather mauled, recumbent stone circle'. They concluded this on the basis of the following observations: (a) the recumbent was identified as broken in two pieces, (b) the four stones of the inner circle are probably the remains of a ring cairn, and (c) the location of the recumbent and flankers within the trend of orientation SSE-WSW and the alignment of the same with the setting midsummer full moon over the Craig of Shanno 2.3 km away. Together with other examples south of the Mounth this is possibly part of a localised Recumbent Stone Circle tradition.
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Easting: 356568.720247497, Northing: 778118.192361175

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National Grid Reference: NO 5656 7811

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