Aberdeenshire SMR - NJ76SW0001 - LONGMAN CAIRN

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Primary ReferenceNJ76SW0001
NMRS Card No.NJ76SW1
NMRS Numlink 19290
HS Ref No.341
Site Form Standing Structure
Site Condition Incomplete
Details Remains of long cairn; composed of a round cairn and separated on the S from the long cairn by a trench-like hollow, 1.21m above the base of the cairn. The long cairn has its maximum width at the N . The whole seems fairly complete although a hollow has been dug in the long part both on the W and E sides. In 1886 at the S end secondary burials containing cinerary urns were found. The N end is c4.26m high and is divided from the remainder by a transverse hollow, possibly the site of an un-recorded excavation. Modern quarrying into the site of the mound shows it to be built of mainly earth. There is little doubt that both parts belong to one structure.
Last Update21/04/2015
Updated Bycherbert
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Map showing site detail for application for NJ76SW0001."Map showing site detail for application for NJ76SW0001."
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Easting: 373788945, Northing: 862014520

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National Grid Reference: NJ 7378 6201

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