Aberdeenshire SMR - NO49NW0009 - KINORD CROSS

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Primary ReferenceNO49NW0009
NMRS Card No.NO49NW14
NMRS Numlink 33981
HS Ref No.64
Site Form Standing Structure
Site Condition Complete 1
Details Class III cross-inscribed Pictish stone, which originally stood at NO4405 9977. In the 19th century it was moved to a knoll near Aboyne Castle (c.NO52469898) but was returned to near its original site in 1959 by Sir M. Barclay Harvey. The interlace-filled cross occupies almost the whole surface of the slab. It has three arms of equal lengths, having square ends and spirals at each corner, with round hollows in the angles between the arms, which are connected by a ring. The spirals at the bottom of the shaft are double while the others are single. The cross is ornamented with one continuous piece of interlaced-work, composed of five different patterns, as follows; (1) in the middle of the cross, irregular plait-work; (2) on the top arm, different irregular variations of the spiral knot arranged in two vertical rows, with two knots in each row; (3) and (4) on the right and left arms, interlaced-work composed of triangular knots, repeated three times on each arm, but with some irregularity at the top corner of the right arm; (5) on the shaft, regular broken plait-work of twelve chords.
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Date of Compilation24/07/1990

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