Aberdeenshire HER - NJ95SW0004 - WHITE COW WOOD

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Main Details

Primary ReferenceNJ95SW0004
NRHE Card No.NJ95SW5
NRHE Numlink 20757
HES SM No. 54
Site Form Standing Structure
Site Condition Incomplete
Details Remains of a chambered cairn, which once measured 3.04 m high but has since been reduced to a kerb of almost contiguous stones, containing an enigmatic feature variously described as a cist or the remains of a chamber. The kerb stones have an average width of 0.6 m and height of 0.45 m, with the largest stones on the southern arc of the circle. Near a gap in the south arc are five large stones, removed to make way for the carts which removed the cairn material. On the east side, outside the kerb, there is a bank of cairn material about 1.82 m wide. The internal feature, once comprising of six supporting stones and a cover-stone, now consists of three upright stones, about 0.78 m high, enclosing a space within which is a larger slab lying prone. This slab appears to be intact and does not seem to have been a capstone. It may have stood at the 4th corner of the space formed by the uprights. While the chamber is not a normal cist, it is also difficult to classify as a chamber. The kerb of large boulders suggests a ring-cairn, but the rectangular chamber near the centre, of which the side slabs stand 0.5 m high, is atypical. The bank on the east has been reduced to circa 1 m wide. Serious vandalism occurred in summer of 1988 when the three vertical stones and slab of the central setting were moved. A small excavation cleared out a 1.1 m square area below the site of the 'coverstone' to reveal the stone sockets (much quartz in area). The stones were re-erected.
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Date of Compilation07/09/1988

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National Grid Reference: NJ 9472 5192

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Event DateEvent TypeOASIS ID
1988 Excavation

Excavations and Surveys

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 1988 QUARTZ CHIPS GB Excavation Grampian Regional Council  


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