Aberdeenshire HER - NO79NW0013 - WARREN FIELD, CRATHES

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Primary ReferenceNO79NW0013
NRHE Card No.NO79NW17
NRHE Numlink 36670
HES SM No. 4110
Site Form Crop Mark (Includes Soil Mark)
Site Condition AP visible Only
Details Cropmark of a Neolithic timber hall; cropmarks reveal what is probably the wall-trench of a rectangular timber building with internal pits which probably indicates the positions of roof supports; appears to have a semi-circular annexe on W end. Originally thought to be Dark Age or medieval but with the excavation of a similar type of cropmark at Balbridie (NO79NW0014) which proved to be Neolithic, this site has also been proved of the same date. Partial excavation of the eastern end in May 2004 revealed a curving line of postholes. Several sherds of Neolithic pottery were recovered. Within a pit a small fragment of a possible wooden bowl and fragments of leather were recovered although date is uncertain at present. A more intensive season of excavation was undertaken in May and June 2005 during which the full plan of the building was revealed and its structure investigated. The building measured c.24 x 9m externally and 22.5 x 8m internally; the W segment of the structure may have been unroofed, while the interior was sub-divided by a series of partitions. The main entrance was to the NE, with 2 narrow gaps between the timbers in the side walls possibly providing light and air to the inner rooms. Outer walls built of large oak timbers; the internal partitions had been constructed of lighter timbers; 2 large pits lay on the longitudinal axis of the building, their function is unclear but they do not appear to have held roof supports. Preliminary analysis of finds distribution indicates there was little activity in the W end of the building; within the main area there was a concentration of flint artefacts to the W with a lower concentration at the E end and very few flints in the central area. The distribution of pottery was in reverse with little to the W and an increasing concentration towards the centre and E of the structure. This may suggest functional differences bewteen the different areas of the structure. Systematic environmental sampling was undertaken throughout the building and analysis may show if there is any pattern in the distribution of grain. From the 2004 excavation, barley, emmer, bread/club wheat, and a possible grain of spelt were identified from the E end of the building.
Last Update20/09/2017
Updated Bynackerman
Date of Compilation20/06/1980

Easting: 373909.807595549, Northing: 796707.51879017

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National Grid Reference: NO 7390 9670

Event Details

Event DateEvent TypeOASIS ID
2004 Excavation

Excavations and Surveys

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52004 Excavation 14C & H MurrayNTSHS 
62005  C & H MurrayNTSHS 

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